Born in Ireland, I spent my childhood fascinated by picture books- I was completely absorbed in the words, shapes and drawings. Since then, my urge to draw has been unstoppable and now that I’m an adult, nothing has changed!

Both writing and illustrating children’s picture books has always been a dream of mine. Although I have been a freelance children’s illustrator for a while, graduating from the renowned MA at Cambridge School of Art in 2016 has really enabled me to put my dream of creating my own children’s books into action. I have recently written and illustrated my first picture book, Gently Bentley, which will be published in 2018 by Childs-Play International.

I am based in London, where I live with my partner and four teenage children. My small studio in our garden is the hub of my creativity, where I work and produce most of my ideas and illustrations. I love to capture the magic of childhood and family, and creating illustrations that are fun and vibrant. Particular favourite characters of mine are rhinos and ballerinas. I try to emphasise capturing the character and fascination of animals and people. My whimsical style is inspired by children at play, taking a particular interest in the charming relationship between children and animals.

For me, ultimately, illustrating is about making fun of the everyday and creating timeless pieces for children to enjoy and draw inspiration from the everyday.

© 2019 by Caragh Buxton